Sean Curran

Sean Curran
Why I'm Participating

One of our more seasoned road cyclists participating in 100 To Home, Sean's ability to navigate the trip itself isn't in question. The real challenge? Keeping the rest of the group in line!

Sean, from Donegal town and a proud member of the Donegal Bay Cycling Club, was destined to be involved with Naomh Ultan, especially after marrying into the Furey family, whose ties with the club date back to its foundation in 1974. His wife, Donna, currently serves as our treasurer and has been deeply involved in the club amidst its recent developmental progressions. She has been a core member of the club in the past number of years, being instrumental in the establishment of LGFA in the club, and also juggling the commitments of Bord Na nÓg chairperson last year. It's no surprise that when the idea for this cycle arose, Sean's participation was among the first considerations!

His involvement not only represents himself but also his entire family and extended relatives. Both his daughters, Kayla and Emily, are active members of our LGFA teams, while his brother-in-laws and father-in-law are well-known figures in the local GAA community, needing little introduction to those familiar with the club. Jack Furey dedicated years to his role as club chairman, having been a stalwart member from the club's inception. Meanwhile, Sean and Adrian Furey boasted illustrious careers both in the youth and adult levels of Naomh Ultan, achieving every accolade attainable with the club. The brothers' crowning glory came as pivotal members of the Intermediate Championship senior team of 2002! Mind you, Sean's tenure extended well beyond that, as evidenced by his collection of medals in 2011, 2013 (as captain), and 2015, including two Junior B Championships and a Junior A Championship.

There's a lot riding on Sean's back for this cycle, but undoubtedly it won't be an issue!

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