Ronan Kennedy

Ronan Kennedy
Why I'm Participating

Potter won't want any potholes on May 5th, rumours are rife that in recent weeks he was left stranded on the Tullyearl roundabout with a flat tyre. Some are saying there was a medevac sent from Finner camp to rescue him, but that one might just be stretching the truth a bit!

The Kennedys from Castleview have been associated with the club for this best part of the last three decades, with all the brothers in the house, Brendan, Ronan & Emmet pulling on the Naomh Ultan jersey.

They did more than just pulling on the jersey, as they can be attributed with being part of many successful teams down the years! Having all played underage for the club, Brendan was the first to play at adult level and at the tender age of 17. He was part of the first reserve side in 1994 who unfortunately lost out to St. Nauls in the Intermediate B Championship that year. 

Ronan followed in his brothers journey, and he too at 17 was part of the reserve team in 1997, Brendan was along with him on the team that again lost out in the same final to Naomh Muire that time. A year later, Ronan found himself playing in the Intermediate B final and Brendan was by then on the senior side who were playing the Intermediate A Championship final. Another harsh pair of defeats for the club and the two brothers! Ronan's painful disappointments were somewhat relieved in 1999, part of the Intermediate B Championship winning side! 

Despite enduring a string of setbacks in finals, their perseverance paid off in 2002. That year marked a historic pair of victories for the club, Ronan in the reserves and Brendan corner back on the senior team, clinched the elusive Intermediate Championship double, finally erasing the haunting memories of past defeats!

Around that time, Ronan embarked on a career serving in our Defense Forces, a commitment he continues to honour to this day!

Youngest brother Emmet began to work up the ranks on the field and ended up with plenty of medals in his pocket. Meanwhile, Ronan, who remained active in the game, took on the managerial role of the reserve team in 2010. Despite narrowly missing out on victory in the Junior B Championship final that year, all three brothers contributed to the team's efforts. However, their shared taste of triumph came in 2011, when they clinched the championship in Junior B final. Undoubtedly, it's a victory they'll all hold dear, having achieved it together. 

In 2013, Emmet added another Junior B medal to his collection, and was part of the senior panel in 2015 that completed the league and Junior A Championship double.
Fast forward to 2022, both Emmet and Ronan contributed to the team's success in securing the Junior B Championship, marking the third title in the club's history. Four medals for Emmet and three for Ronan, not bad going! 

During the 2010s, Ronan assumed the role of club referee for several years, achieving good success in the position. He approached each game with a disciplined mindset, drawing upon his military background to enforce decisions. Whether they were right or not didn't matter! 

We're delighted to have Ronan as a participant in the cycle, we hope he opts to wear for something other than his field uniform to avoid causing any unnecessary fear or confusion from those onlooking! 

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