Patrick, Tanya & Shaun White

Patrick, Tanya & Shaun White
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You may have noticed the mention of "The White Children" on our Royal Flush Weekly Lotto posters, if you're wondering then the answer is yes, their grandmother Patricia still buys their tickets! Yet, their involvement in the club goes much beyond that. For many years, the entire family has been integral to the club. As a family they're literally attached to Naomh Ultan, both figuratively and physically, as there is a little walkway connecting their home to Páirc Naomh Ultan!

If you delve into the team photos from the 90s, you'll likely spot Aoife, Patrick or Tanya gracing the frame. Though too young to partake in the games themselves, they proudly served as mascots for numerous teams alongside their father, Brendan, affectionately known on the field as "Mooch"! 

Growing up a stone throw from Páirc Naomh Ultan and amidst the lively atmosphere of McGuire's Bar—a pub intricately linked to the club, owned by their grandparents Patricia and Packie it was inevitable that they would develop a passion for football. Youngest brother, Shaun was born at the turn of the millennium and that completed the busy household for their mother Eileen to manage! 

On the playing field they all represented the club at underage level and achieved plenty. Paddy, who was prominent in his youth was a very useful soccer player also. There was an U10 blitz years ago where a young Patrick manage to keep the ball in play during a game by performing a bicycle kick, the individual refereeing the game called a foul on him and instructed that he can't do that in Gaelic football! 

A vital component of the undefeated Minor team of 2008, he played an instrumental role in securing the Championship and league double. If you're browsing through photos and can't seem to locate him, keep an eye out for the unmistakable big blue knee bandage, he rarely went without it!

During that time, his younger sibling Tanya showcased her competitive spirit. Growing up, she held her own against the boys, playing up to the U14 level and tasting success at that age. Transitioning to play alongside her cousins and relatives in Na Cealla Beaga, she continues to maintain her strong connection with Naomh Ultan.

It didn't take long for Shaun to carve out his path in underage sports, following in the footsteps of his older siblings by clinching titles at U14 and minor levels. Throughout his youth, he was a presence on the sidelines, offering his assistance in any way possible. In 2015, where he lent his support alongside Patrick, who played in the team's triumph in capturing the Junior A Championship and league.

Both have been integral members of the senior team for several years now, with Paddy assuming the dual role of player-manager in 2021 and 2023. The brothers have faced their fair share of setbacks due to injuries, particularly Paddy, who, even in his thirties, is forced to play his role as a mascot again on occasion - albeit now with a bit more roaring and shouting!

Hopefully they'll be firing on all cylinders come May 5th, wouldn't want it to end up with Tanya having to drag the two of them along!

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