Gerard & John Boyle

Gerard & John Boyle
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The Boyle brothers, if they're not in the bog you'll find them at Páirc Naomh Ultan!

Gerard and John are fixtures at our club, having been involved since their youth and continuing to contribute at adult level. John was a cornerstone of our inaugural Reserve team in 1994, experiencing significant triumphs throughout the 90s, including multiple league victories. Despite enduring setbacks in the Intermediate B Championship Finals of 1994, 1997 and 1998, perseverance paid off when John and his teammates clinched the title in 1999. Some would say John's journey on the field reflects remarkable versatility, he'd himself down as a full-forward in 1994 and transitioning to wearing the number 2 jersey when they secured the coveted Intermediate championship in 1999. 

Gerard, a little bit younger was involved in the successful 1997 league winning team as a fresh faced and fully haired 18 year old. He didn't get to taste the same Intermediate B Championship in 1999 but was between the posts on the historic 2002 Intermediate B Championship win, the same day the senior team captured their own Intermediate Championship. 

Gerard boasts a remarkable feat, perhaps unmatched not only within our club but potentially the county and beyond. During the 2000s, after coming on as a substitute for our seniors, he managed to score a goal and get knocked out at the same time!

Roll on a few years and whilst Gerard was still with our reserve side and captured a Junior B Championship in 2013, John had began coaching underage at the club with his son's Christopher and Jack and daughter Kayla all starting to done the black and amber. He'd great success with underage team and managed the U16 team of 2019 to the Division 2 County League title. John's wife, Jacinta, played her part as Bord Na nÓg secretary, underscoring the Boyle family's commitment to Naomh Ultan. 

It was a case that anything John can do, Gerard can do also as Gerard endeavored into coaching with our underage. With his own son's Oisin and Finn beginning to play he finds himself involved with a number of teams.

They'd one more roll of the dice in 2022, when John as coach and Gerard as goalkeeper helped our reserve side capture their 3rd Junior B Championship. John's son, Christopher was also part of this Championship team. Retirement was mentioned on Gerard's behalf following this victory, but it seems he was only testing the water. 

It seems versatility defines the Boyle brothers. John's journey from full-forward to corner-back is remarkable, and now it seems Gerard has undergone a striking transformation himself, transitioning from over two decades guarding the goal to making his mark in the forward line. Interpret it as you will!




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