Francis & Samantha Gallagher

Francis & Samantha Gallagher
Why I'm Participating

Giddy & Sam, perhaps unbeknown to many have served as the backbone of not just our senior team but our entire club in recent years!

Living in close proximity to Páirc Naomh Ultan certainly has its advantages, but it also brings with it the assumption that they can always be available. Yet, despite this, Giddy and Sam consistently show up and are actively involved!

Samantha was destined to become a GAA enthusiast, influenced by her mother Nora, an avid supporter of Donegal throughout the years. With a multitude of uncles, cousins, and friends connected, Samantha found herself increasingly engaged with Naomh Ultan. This involvement was further solidified through her three children, Luke, Kelly, and Mia who all representing the club throughout the years. 

Frank was himself a distinguished footballer in his youth and from another family with strong GAA association! However, he chose the big bucks of fishing, forsaking what could have been a promising footballing career.
His talents have certainly been inherited by Luke, who he often dubs as "Jim", as well as by his nephew Daniel, who is mainstay in our senior side alongside Luke and participating this fundraising cycle too! 

Several years back, Giddy was approached to take on the responsibility of managing logistics for our first team, commonly referred to as the kit man. Often overlooked, the significance of this role in any team is profound, yet the impact he has made extends far beyond mere logistical duties.

During the toughest of times and through the pandemic, Giddy was always there! Often the first man to arrive and last to leave, adapt at ensuring everything was in order with minimal fuss, a good man to have around to keep the midges away at training and, as his nickname suggests, always up for a bit of craic and lifting spirits! Especially when he starts singing the Gambler! 

Samantha plays an integral role in all of this as well. Although Francis claims to handle all the washing, one would imagine Sam has a significant hand in that as well! Engaged in various committees and roles within the club in recent years, Sam currently oversees our Royal Flush Weekly Lotto, a responsibility on her behalf that should be greatly appreciated by all in the club!

Some arm twisting was involved to get this couple to undertake this challenging 100km. However, like any task or responsibility fired at them they'll get it done, and there's sure to be plenty of celebrating once they do! 


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