Donal McGuinness

Donal McGuinness
Why I'm Participating

Donal has fried much bigger fish than "100 To Home" in cycling terms, having conquered the Race Ireland Mizen to Malin Challenge. This demanding point-to-point race saw him complete the journey in an impressive 25 hours and 31 minutes last July.

A highly engaged member of Tir Chonaill GAP Cycling Club, Donal had the support of fellow participant Barry Nesbitt, who was part of his dependable crew during his remarkable achievement last year. While the seasoned cyclists may find the cycling itself effortless, the true challenge lies in guiding the novices, or at best, those less experienced, through the journey.

Ever since settling in St. John's Point Donal, his wife Deirdre and three kids have been involved with Naomh Ultan. Donal himself, played for the club when he moved to the parish, a tough defender he was part of the successful reserve team of 2011 who won the Junior B Championship. If you look back on photos of that day, you'll see his two sons Sean & Bobby being held for a celebratory team photo, signifying future intent and interest even as babies!

Donal wasn't able to play for a couple of year but still contributed, immersing himself in our Bord Na nÓg where he served a number of positions including vice-chairperson. He was instrumental in the organizing of the U12 team getting to play in Croke Park in 2019, a day that not only his son will cherished, but one that be be by all who were there! 

The two boys have emerged as formidable athletes within our underage teams, currently excelling at U14 and U16 levels, demonstrating their potential to become exceptional footballers. Following in her parents' footsteps, their sister Carla, who turns 10 this year, is actively engaged in various teams across both GAA and LGFA, showcasing her own talent and enthusiasm for sports.

The McGuinness family from the Point is indeed a formidable bunch! While we could extend our best wishes to Donal for this challenging cycle, it seems unnecessary as luck appears to be unnecessary for him. Perhaps it's best to reserve those well-wishes for the other participants who might benefit from them more!

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