Daniel Gallagher

Daniel Gallagher
Why I'm Participating

"Wee Dan" as he's known as to some, but there's nothing wee about him! 

Daniel has been a cornerstone of our senior team for the past decade, coming into the frame in 2014 at a mere 17 years old. His presence alone heralded the promise of success, a promise brilliantly fulfilled. At still such a tender age, he played a pivotal role in Naomh Ultan's triumphant Junior Championship campaign of 2015.

Simultaneously, Daniel showcased his prowess on broader stages. He made it into the Donegal Minor team and tasted victory with DCU, clinching the All-Ireland Fresher Football Championship in 2016. The accolades continued as along with the Donegal U21s, when they won the Ulster Football Championship in 2017.

In subsequent years, he was called up to the Donegal seniors however, adversity struck in the form of a shoulder injury, impeding Dan's progression with the team.

As Daniel embarks on the challenge of this 100km cycle, we've emphasized that it's not a race and there won't be a winner. Anyone who has shared a field or a training ground with him knows his great distaste in losing! We might have to weigh him down just in case he decides to take off!

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